Apologies: Long downtime due to hardware problems

When it happens it happens all at once.

We’ve had some unfortunate hardware fault to deal with and getting replacement hardware to our hosting took quite long. Also bringing it up and restoring the virtual machine for openAOS.org took longer.

It involved among other things:

  • delays in getting the hardware
  • delays because of sickness of volunteers involved
  • delays due to business travel
  • delays due to lack of free time

On the plus side, the physical host now is a much better machine and less likely to fail than the previous hardware.


2 Responses to “Apologies: Long downtime due to hardware problems”

  1. henk says:

    I most certainly hope so; I’ve googled /duckduckgo-ed for a few evenings with noting but disappointment for Debian on Gen9 devices.

    The goldelico tablet is not ready yet….


  2. Jonathan says:

    Is the openAOS project still alive?

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