openAOS brings you: ArchDruid – Android 2.0 for gen7!

We are proud to be the first ones to have a public preview of Android 2.0 (eclair) on 7th generation Archos devices (Archos5IT).

Mind you, this is not an Archos build and none of the multimedia functionality would work right now. It just shows that even with the current Linux kernel the device is able to boot an Android 2.0 user-space and bring up the UI. I’ll repeat this. If Archos releases an Android 2.0 firmware it will be very much different!

empty home screen

home screen

Given the ease with which I was able to modify an existing build of Android 2.0 to run on my device and get rid of most of the error messages – I have to say I have no idea why nobody else has done this yet. But this is kind of symptomatic for the Archos “community”. The loudest to cry out and demand but no one is even able to get their behind up and try it themselves. It took me less than an hour to have the GUI up and running.

locked screen

locked screen

One major downside at the moment is that the touchscreen driver is not cooperating. If someone wants to help and try to make it work – please contact me.

I/InputDevice.ReadPointercalFile: (  956): t.x1=796.0 t.y1=0.0 t.z1=-95501.0t.x2=0.0 t.y2=508.0 t.z2=-116804.0t.s=3830.0  
I/KeyInputQueue(  956): Device added: id=0x10002, name=ADS784x Touchscreen, classes=14                                    
I/KeyInputQueue(  956):   X: unknown values                                                                               
I/KeyInputQueue(  956):   Y: unknown values                                                                               
I/KeyInputQueue(  956):   Pressure: unknown values                                                                        
I/KeyInputQueue(  956):   Size: unknown values                                                                            

If all you want to ask is “Can haz newist Image!?” – shove it, don’t even bother, if there will be updated images you’ll find the information about it on this blog.

Meanwhile you have something nice to look at:

boot animation

boot animation

and you can brag how you were among the “fr!st evar!” to boot Android 2.0 outside of Archos R&D on an Archos5IT.

Disclaimer: If this image makes your Archos bite your dog or eat your cat or otherwise damages the device or causes the Doomsday Machine to activate. – Tough luck, no cookies.
That said nothing bad has happened to my unit yet, but you never know.

That all said, if you still want to try or god forbid even want to help: here’s a bzip’ed image for you. Use something like this for the menu:


Ah and the original build is from here (qdroid).

That’d be all for today folks. Check back for a video soon.

Thomas, your friendly openAOS Archdruid

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27 Responses to “openAOS brings you: ArchDruid – Android 2.0 for gen7!”

  1. coppolla says:

    how to get touch screen working please help me

    • tbr says:

      Simply use one of the recent alpha versions.

      • Dow says:

        I’d love to help but does not know anyting about coding. Please finnish this and release it when its done, it would be so nice to have 2.x on my 5IT. Cant bielive archos havent done this them selves. Thank you for doing this!

      • coppolla says:

        where can i find recent alpha build

  2. Spade says:

    I’ve seen a few posts about the touch screen, some sayin they got it to work. What I don’t get is why is it so hard to get working, isn’t Android 2.2 just Android improvement over 1.6? Another thing is it possible to make the Archos 5 run Windows Mobile or Windows 7 I’m tired of all the bs of freezin Android not bein able to get this app or that app or them not working, if the apps are gonna be another job for me I’d rathet the limits of Microsoft stuff. At this point Apple is startin to look good.

    • tbr says:

      Sure, go ahead, sign an NDA with Microsoft, TI and probably a dozen other companies and then hire a bunch of programmers that will adapt some variety of WinCE to the hardware. Good luck!
      Nice trolling though.

  3. Brian says:


    Are there any plans to release droid 2.x on the a5IT? Seems the talk has been going for quite some time but no update.

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  5. Ben says:

    as we need a customized Android 2.2 working on our Archos 5 IT I just want to help porting it. If you’re right and it’s just a wrong “config” to get the touchscreen working this shouldn’t be a big problem to fix :D .

    Can you give me some information on how to setup the environment to build the image and flash the device?


    • tbr says:

      There are various people working on it. I haven’t heard anything concrete though.
      Just join us on IRC and I’ll give you some hints for the device specific part.

  6. GCSX says:

    by the way, does anyone tried to plug an USB mouse?

  7. GCSX says:

    If it can help, the touchscreen controler in the 5IT is a TI tsc2046. The driver is integrated in the linux kernel from 2.6.16 but must be activated by this config item : CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ADS7846

    ref :

    • tbr says:

      Yes, we are using the same kernel as Archos in their latest firmware, so a driver for this is compiled in. It’s the Android build for the SmartQ which doesn’t know how to use it. The SmartQ uses a different TSC.
      If someone rebuilds Android it should just work. I know some people who are waiting for the 2.2 sources to surface.

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  11. bladej says:

    i like belive that if you can do it in archos 5 internet edition i can do it in archos 7 internet edition no?
    i read that is the same archos 5 & 7 istead therefor i can do it?

    • tbr says:

      This works on the Archos5IT.
      It does NOT work on the Archos5 and neither on the Archos7.

      Thanks go to Archos marketing for confusing everyone with those names.

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  13. laraklur says:

    fake !!

    • tbr says:

      I see you haven’t tried the image that comes with it yourself? :D
      You know, you could also loop-mount it on linux and look inside the image…

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  15. Great !!!!!!!!!!!

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